Helping You Create an Individualized Plan for Your Healthy Life's Journey

Guidance for Your Journey

My background

I am a licensed physician in North Carolina,  with specific expertise in geriatric medicine.  My services are not diagnostic or prescriptive.  Rather I provide personalized guidance on the ways that you and your primary care providers may work together more effectively. 

My services

  • Personalized medication review
  • Limited medical record review
  • individual health recommendations
  • Guidance for specific medical concerns - in particular aging and memory problems
  • Advising care-givers
  • Providing written suggestions for you and your medical provider regarding health optimization
  • Assistance to legal advisors to clarify your health-related issues

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More about the "Journey"

My ideal client

  • An individual, a patient couple or a caregiver
  • Experiencing confusion about health issues or a new diagnosis
  • Someone who needs a listening ear that can provide more time and support than a primary care MD
  • Legal advisors who need medical information to counsel a client

How my services differ from a primary care provider's

I will listen carefully to your health concerns and provide personalized guidance on the ways that you and your primary care provider can work together more effectively. I will provide written recommendations on those areas that you can change yourself and the concerns that should be presented to your PCP. 

How my services differ from a geriatric care manager's

I will consider your circumstances and may make recommendations to utilize certain health-related resources (such as, for example, home health care services). I do not make such arrangements, however, and will not accompany patients to appointments or deal with a patient's financial issues.